[05 JAN | 17.30z - 21z] [TR ] New Season Opening Event2018-01-05 17:30:00

Get Ready To Answer the Question

IVAO Turkey Division is proudly organizing its first event of this year on 5th January 2018! Our event will be fly-in/out to LTAI Antalya Airport. On this event, when you transferred to Tower, the Tower will ask you a surprise question to give you your landing clearance. If you answer wrong, you will go around the runway and execute missed approach. Of course, you will have a second chance! When you get back on final again, the Tower will ask the surprise question to give your landing clearance. If you can't answer the question correctly at the second time, you will be diverted to your alternate airport.

A good pilot never flies without charts! You can get our up-to-date charts here.

In order to enjoy more of our events, we recommend you add scenarios of the aerodromes to be used.
You can download free sceneries for Turkey here.

You can request appointment for an ATC position here.
You can be online as you wish on positions which will not to be appointed.

We are looking forward to your participation!