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With over 3500 members in the Division, IVAO Turkey is the place to enjoy the best Aviation simulation in the Pearl of Europe. As real as it gets! Controllers, pilots, airports. Every phase is simulated to the smallest detail based on real operations. Do you want to become a pilot? Or do you prefer to be an ATC? You can become both, for FREE. Join IVAO today and ask to become a member of the Turkey Division.


TR-EAC | Event Assistant Coordinator Ataması2016-09-10

Sevgili Can Düzen, TR-EAC - Event Assistant Coordinator olarak atanmıştır. Kendisini yeni görevi için tebrik eder, başarılar...

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Çağrı Kodu Değişikliği2016-05-07

4 Şubat 2016 tarihinden yayınlanan AIP gereği, Türkiye havasahasında CTR - ACC pozisyonlarında görev alan ATC'ler (LTBB FIR dahil) hizmet verecekleri sektörlerde "ANKARA KONTROL" radyo çağrı adını kullanacaklardır. "İSTANBUL KONTROL" radyo çağrı adı kullanılmayacaktır.

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IVAO Virtual Sky Dergisi - Vol. 8 Issue 22016-05-01

Dear IVAO Members,

On behalf of the Public Relations Department and the Virtual Sky Magazine Team, we are proud to announce that the latest edition of Virtual Sky has been released. Have a read to find articles from Public Relations, Real Pilots, Scenery review, and other terrific articles!

We hope you enjoy the latest edition of Virtual Sky!

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